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Documentary Filmmaking can Set the Record Straight

During the protracted period that high profile criminal case bakes in the criminal justice system oven the media gossip machines go into overdrive.

Public opinion is twisted by celebrity pundits that boost their own position and ratings at the expense of those accused.

Crimefile News Productions is an experienced investigative TV news producer that can create a documentary film suitable for broadcast on television or the Internet. Working with the defense lawyers behind the scenes, we can essentially showcase evidence, interviews and show defense theories in a positive light.

A finished 40 minute project can make a huge difference as it stimulates witnesses and others to cooperate with the defense to establish innocence. Prosecution witnesses will be less willing to have their lies exposed in a public venue as the Internet. Perhaps they will have second thoughts about committing perjury in a courtroom. The rapsheets of the adverse witnesses can be shown as graphics for the world to see.

If the documentary is only broadcast on the Internet you can count on the local media to immediately begin buzzing about anything posted there.

Anything that directs the glare and spotlight away from the prosecutor’s media chest-beating and distorted information sent out in their press releases can sway public opinion. Why allow the prosecutors to maintain complete control over their poisonous pre-trial publicity?

In a documentary film the sordid backgrounds of prosecution witnesses can be fully exposed along with testimony or documents that show lack of candor.

America’s First Amendment has done wonders destroying the rights of the accused to a fair trial. Isn’t it about time that the defense side has an equal opportunity to expose a corrupt prosecution?

The cost for such a film is dependent on difficulties such as travel and gathering of material. In most cases the total cost can be kept well under $50,000.00.

An Internet posted documentary can be watched over and over unlike a television broadcast.

A campaign targeting Social Media can make a significant difference because the very people you need to reach with your message are doing Google searches for your key words and name.

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If you find yourself accused of a crime and you're innocent or overcharged you need fast help to establish your defense. Lawyers can give advice, arrange bail and get copies of the police reports through the discovery process, but that's never enough.

The crime scene needs a through examination and witnesses need to be located and interviewed. Your lawyer can't do these things and also defend you in court too because he'd become a witness in your case.

Comprehensive background investigations must be conducted on people classified as victims or witness in order to determine motivation for their statements. Putting PHI on the job quickly may well prevent an indictment, preliminary hearing and a trial. This immediate effort can save a fortune in future legal fees and get you cleared much quicker than waiting for results obtained by a lawyer alone.

Cases where self-defense, or defense of a third person is involved are my specialty. Unfortunately too many defense lawyers don't understand the dynamics of self-defense and can't properly make your case to a court or jury. PHI will work with lawyers giving them the tools they need to help you.


PHI handles both plaintiff and defense cases on all manner of torts.

PHI handles the locating, interviewing witnesses, along with collecting any needed data on their backgrounds.

PHI will shoot broadcast quality video and still photos of scenes, statements and other evidence to document anything related to the tort.

PHI conducts investigations to determine the presence of liability, damages and assets that are all mandatory prior to undertaking representation of plaintiffs. PHI will do the necessary pre-litigation investigation needed.


A missing family member is a real crisis. If it's a tender aged child who is missing the police will tirelessly investigate. If it's an older runaway teen, the level of services that police provide decrease dramatically. Adults are just not a law enforcement priority unless there are obvious sign of foul play or serious medical issues involved.

These are important cases that need immediate attention. PHI is prepared to travel wherever it takes to find your missing loved one. PHI works with law enforcement calling their attention to any issues that will accelerate their efforts.

In addition to domestic cases I have traveled to and located missing persons in Europe, and India.

PHI will also locate your relatives and old friends.


Publicity can be huge problem for the accused. When a high profile person is at the center of the allegation or the magnitude of an event draws the interest of the media certain management efforts must begin. Failure to deal with these issues can have catastrophic business consequences and affect the right to a fair trial. PHI has worked directly with media organizations for nearly 18 years and knows what efforts they will undertake in order to fulfill their mission of informing the public.

Some first steps to control damage can be taken by the client. Your personal conduct is most important as the press invades your personal space. No displays of anger or efforts to hide from news cameras are acceptable. It’s important to maintain grooming and smile for any police booking photos. It's always better when the booking photo looks like a publicity photo. The public perception is important to any criminal defendant.

Video from arrests, visits to courthouses and that booking photo may be displayed by media organizations for years to come. These unfortunate moments seem to get much more play when they prove sensational or entertaining.

Should any criminal defendant have a microphone thrust into their face or asked questions by any reporter he should simply tell them in a friendly way that this matter must be tried in the courtroom and not on the street. That terse and angry, “no comment” remark will be misinterpreted by nearly everyone.

Special Real Time 24/7 Surveillance

Sometime there is a need for either short or long term surveillance on a specific location. PHI can set that up and provide the client with an Internet address where the camera’s view can be seen from anywhere in the world.

Costs can vary depending on the location but technology has made this type of surveillance more affordable than ever.


Stalking cases require special expertise to deescalate. These matters can simply be a nuisance issue or too often an extremely dangerous and threatening harassment campaign may be involved. These cases must be evaluated properly and the proper solution quickly deployed. Additional publicity issues must be taken into consideration for high profile victims.

PHI will assist by comprehensive assessment of the potential threats and by serving appropriate court orders. PHI will work directly with various law enforcement agencies when necessary. Additional measures of personal protection for the client will be met and the stalker can be kept under constant observation if necessary. PHI has decades of experience in dealing with all types of stalking matters. ivate investigator Phoenix Private investigator detective Los Angeles private eye great missing person detective actor writer
Parental Termination and Due Diligence For Adoptions

Adoptions are the greatest thing that can happen to unwanted or even abused children. Millions of children have gained wonderful and loving parents through this legal process.

In order to complete the process the alleged or presumed birth fathers must be located, informed and striped of their parental rights. Often these men are located in prison or jails across the country. PHI knows how to gain access to inmates housed in every correctional facility setting from death row to minimum security.

Adoption also provides birth fathers a guarantee that these children will have a much better chance at life as adoptive parents are really ready to provide what these lucky children need. Adoption offers a way for birth fathers to escape responsibility and child support.

PHI will locate, notify and make available all of the necessary paperwork to birth fathers in order to facilitate parental termination anywhere in the world. Along the way PHI will obtain photographs, health history and information on the education and background of the birth fathers.

PHI has the skill, understanding and experience to make termination a pleasant experience for these birth fathers.

All the documents and information needed for PHI to assist you with terminations are right here.

Workman’s Compensation And Personal Injury Fraud Cases.

Unfortunately billions of dollars are paid out to criminals who either feign or exaggerate injuries covered by insurance companies. This drives up premium costs paid by all of us.

PHI will locate, observe, photograph, videotape and even work undercover to expose this activity. Proper surveillance will nearly always expose bogus claims.


PHI has a working knowledge of Germany, the language and can handle any investigative or journalist assignments there with ease.

PHI is also certified by both state and federal courts as a firearms expert in the functioning, use and training of all disciplines of small arms.